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The 7 Best Software Applications To Help Run & Grow A Law Firm

Because the law is traditionally a very conservative profession, the legal market has been quite slow to adopt technological innovations. Granted, its quite understandable. Because law touches on human interactions, it is expected that client relations are handled in the most intimate and personal way possible. That fact notwithstanding, the tradeoff presented by automating many routine firm management tasks is not comparable to the immense benefits through increased efficiency and ease in legal practice management.

That said, here are some seven software applications every growing law firm should consider having.

1. Bill4Time 


Though not specifically creating for the legal profession, it will serve your law firm well. Tracking time when using time billing can be cumbersome. Moreover, invoicing time billed is equally tricky as clients tend to mistrust time billed with no details. Bill4Time helps you bill your time in a professional and detailed manner.

2. Zola Suite 

Zola Suite 

Zola Suite is one of the most recommended firm management tools, especially for small to medium-size firms. It is, in essence, the magic bullet for legal practice management.

Developed specifically as legal tech, Zola suite offers a matter management system complete with access restrictions (to keep sensitive matters private), an email management solution and task management tools. It also has an inbuilt accounting system and a comprehensive time billing tool.

3. CosmoLex 


CosmoLex is a great alternative to ZolaSuite and is also wildly popular. It is a complete firm management, billing, payment and accounting system.

4. LawGro


This firm management system hides an extremely powerful AI system behind a very user-friendly user interface. Not only does it give you information on how well your firm is doing through analytics, but it also automatically bills time, a fact that will help you earn more from billable hours.

5. PracticePanther 


With a revamped accounting system, the latest version of PracticePanther continues to justify its place among the top legal practice management software solutions!

6. Abacus Next 

Abacus Next 

AbacusNext is a one-stop-shop for all manner of software geared towards legal practice management. This software includes Abacus Private Cloud to securely store your firm’s data, Abacus Law for all your case management needs,  Abacus Attorney for your billing needs, Abacus Onlne and many more.

7. Clio


Clio is one of the most powerful cloud-based case management systems.

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