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Top 5 Document Creation Companies that Bolster Lawyers’ Productivity

Document drafting solutions (also known as legal publishing softwares) automate the drafting of legal documents. Law firms and professionals then use these documents for their use. With these softwares, high-quality legal documents are prepared with comparative ease since daily tasks and repetitive documents are dealt with. 

Not just that, it also contains much needed premade templates, such as IP documentation, wills, contracts and other legal documents, allowing you the convenience of working on documents immediately.

Listed below are the best document creation softwares popular in the market:

Wealth Docx

It is one of the most amazing softwares out there for practising lawyers. It is equipped with the ability to work on highly intricate legal documentation in a matter of seconds. With less room for errors, your legal practice can be done with a lot of processing during office hours.

Its only issue is its method of article citation, which may cause problems when the pressure to deliver is mounting. Nevertheless, it is still a good choice.


The Leaflet software allows clients convenience by circumventing the tedious document creation process. Yet the only drawback that it has is its lack of ability to indicate errors made by the person. This is a huge lapse in its architecture and may jeopardize the workflow of law firms.


This software has a key feature called Key cite citatory. It warns the user about citators, which conventional citators often do not. More so, it also features a highly sophisticated AI-powered legal research tool that gives answers to any legal query you have in mind. It can clear any doubts regarding the legal field and litigation analytics for that matter. Comparison of statues is a vital tool that allows you to see clear differences among the statues.

However, this software solution is very expensive.


This software solution is the brainchild of Thompson Reuters. Similar to Westlaw, it has its own timer, which can help you in client billing tasks so every second is accounted for, be it any given case. A billing system makes billing so much easier, allowing employees to focus on matters that require more attention. 

Leap Legal

Leap Legal is not a software solution for midsized and large-scale corporations. It allows the employees in a law firm to actively collaborate on a standalone, integrated platform, allowing vital timesaving and seamless firm operation. The software also provides its client the capacity to ramp up its profit margin and accommodate some flexibility at the same time. Its handy tools, the likes of which includes predefined document creation, timer, billing and invoicing makes it one a kind solution, offering comfort and convenience.

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