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Top 7 Invoicing Softwares that Lawyers use to Earn More!

As a practising lawyer, there are many professional duties that you are assigned to take care of. Even though lawyers do earn the big bucks, everyone still likes less processing and efficient billing systems. In this list, we will discuss a wide variety of invoicing softwares available online. So, without further ado, let us start:


Highly Recommended for: Lawyers, paralegals and other staff

This application is primarily designed for professionals working in the law industry. As a software for the legal profession, its portal provides the convenience of communicating and collaborating with clients in real-time. This way, managing matters with subordinate staff and others is also essentially a breeze.

The software has a sophisticated invoicing system that records expenses with convenience and tracks the amount of time on every case.

Practice Panther Legal Software

Recommended for: Any midsize Law Firms

Another of our favourite on the list is Practice Panther Legal Software. It is equipped with billing, invoicing, time tracking and case management features. Apart from these, it boasts of the client portal, chat options and credit card payment gateway.

You can synchronize it with a number of software solutions you use, including PayPal, email, Dropbox, calendar and reminders.   

Fresh Books

Recommended for: Firms of all sizes

Next on the list is Fresh Books. This software suite allows you to analyse the expense statements as well as profit and loss statements with relative ease. The product also categorizes the types of transaction fees and make an account of all the incoming deposits. With its time-tracking feature, all of the time is accounted for and you are paid every cent that you invest in the client’s case.


Recommended for: All small and midsized companies

It is another proficient tool to track expenses via its high-quality billing system, settlement calculator and deadline management. The lawyers can also record their comments, conversations and notes on this platform. You can even collaborate with office employees on this platform as well as the clients. This significantly reduces the communication clutter and limits it to one platform. As a result, any lawyer-client communication can be searched when required.


Recommended for: All small and mid-sized companies

Yes, Tabs3 has also made the list. This may sound off, but Tabs3 is quite a good software if you use it for billing purposes. Tabs3 is a complete software suite for your law practice, case management and financial management tasks. Its Timer function allows you to effortlessly manage the billable hours and synchronizes it with the billing statement of your respective clients.  

More so, payment gateway via credit card and the invoicing option is also available.

Zola Suite

Recommended for: Organizations of any size

The Zola Suite boasts of an attractive dashboard and offers the lawyers the facility to manage all their cases on a platform. They can keep tabs on emails, activity logs and personal calendars for that matter. It integrates the email address without any hassle and automatically detects incoming client emails. As an added bonus, it can also convert them as tasks. With its very own billing system, you can focus on other pressing matters while it manages billing.

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