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Top 9 Electronic Signature Softwares for Law Firms

Those days are long gone when contracts and longish documents were printed and sent over to clients to sign. The digital age has changed everything and even signing has now evolved. Today, almost every law firm in the industry uses electronic signatures to sign documents and make binding agreements.

Back in 1999, Australia legalized the use of the Electronic Transactions Act (ETA). The electronic signatures were given the same status as a handwritten written signature. Now, we have complete software suites that allow users to sign virtually.

This piece will briefly go over the top companies providing electronic signature softwares:


This application is cloud-based and primarily a tool for electronic signatures. However, it also has the facility of cloud storage. The users can save, upload and download templates that can be used for clients and employees. This saves time and expedites the daily tasks employees have to complete.


SignRequest is another electronic signature software, which helps you sign documents online. The software is often overshadowed due to the presence of some leading names in the domain.

Hello Sign

The American-based company, Hello Sign, allows the users to sign documents and various contracts with ease. More so, Hello Sign accommodates the users to extract their signatures from different sources (Google Drive, Dropbox, email and SkyDrive).

Adobe Sign

The famous American multinational computer software giant, Adobe, has also released its own e-signature software. For those who are well familiar with Adobe, would find it comforting to have Adobe in this domain, too.

The e-signature feature is a part of the larger Adobe Cloud package to maximize user convenience and ease of use for that matter.


Panda Security is a famous Spanish company that is renowned for its IT solutions. However, it has now also entered the electronic signature domain with the launch of PandaDoc. The software provides the facility of online document creation in real-time. By uploading an electronic signature, the documents are made legally binding for business deals and legal practices. It supports many file formats. Make any document legally binding with PandaDoc.     

Zoho Sign

Designed by Zoho, a major tech giant in the industry, Zoho Sign is also another electronic signature software on the list. It can help you sign, seal and deliver documents from the comfort of your desktop. With e-signature facilities, the business continues without any hassle.


This software provides a wide variety of file types (300 to be precise). The popular ones are Excel, PDF, MS Word, among other less renowned ones. Its e-signature feature also gives the users a facility to communicate their issues on the software. This averts any need of sending clarifying emails to clients regarding procedures or queries they may have.

Assure Sign

As the name implies, it provides the law firms and other companies for that matter the facility of receiving payments from clients with electronic signatures. It enables a safe, secure and transparent method to receive payments and keep track of them.    


This software provides the facility to link documents with people to boost productivity. It also reduces the tedious paperwork you or the employees have to go through in pursuance of excellence. This software saves you precious time and raises efficiency simultaneously.   

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