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What Does An International Lawyer Need To Do To Be Able To Practice In Australia?

For Lawyers that were given their certificate or practiced in other foreign countries but want to be allowed to do the same thing here in Australia, the first thing they do is.

In Australia, they first go ahead and analyze your results to decide if the degree or academic performance is similar to the ones that already study in Australia.

This process is necessary because when it is done, it would be made known to the International lawyer if he or she can practice or still has to study before they are allowed to practice.

Although it is necessary that you study because it is a new country we are talking about here, you have to study so you can know how their law works.

What this process of assessing certificates does is that it lets the lawyer know just how long he or she would have to study before becoming a lawyer.

Here Are There Things That Has To Be Done So An International Lawyer Can Practice In Australia

Before a lawyer is even allowed to start practice in Australia, he/she has to qualify in some aspects here are some of the things that are required of the applicant.

  1. The applicant would need to go through a tertiary institute that must meet the certificate requirements of where he or she is thinking of practicing in Australia. This has to be the same with regards to the three years complete law course which is done in Australia before being allowed to go on and become a professional.
  2. Successfully finish courses, sometimes as an area in that field or something else that is sometimes the same as the aspects of the study that the local lawyers in Australia have to go through before being permitted to go pro.
  3. It is mandatory to get the knowledge and show that you have gotten a full understanding of the competence, some skills, practice aspects, or values that are similar to the skill, practice places, and values that the local Australian lawyers are made to acquire too. The major thing here is that before going pro, you have to go through some things which the Australian lawyers already went through before they were allowed to practice.
  4. This is also mandatory, before being allowed to practice in Australia, you must have to pass with certain averages before being allowed to practice, the candidate would have to score above or equivalent to 8.0, 7.5, and 7.0 in reading, speaking, listening, and writing.

Now, this is more like an addition to some of the requirements above, for example, in the 2nd and 3rd requirements.

An addition to it is that when a professional lawyer coming from overseas and his or her experience is good and can withstand a dispensation.

Here Are Some Things That An International Applicant Would Have To Know Before Moving To Australia For Practice

Just like some countries, Australia’s legal profession is shared throughout every state and territory so as a foreign or international applicant your first step would be to choose what state they wish to practice.

In the western district of Australia, the profession is being controlled by a law that was set some years ago and the area is being overseen by the board of legal practitioners. This law set some years ago to control that area is called the legal professional act (2008).

The legal profession in Australia is joined together, let’s explain further. In an instance whereby a person is permitted to practice law in Australia, there are two options, either you practice as a solicitor or as a barrister. It is mandatory or let us say it has been going on for year’s that those who study as barristers in Australia usually go and join the WA bar association. To join this association, you must have a sovereign Australian certificate that allows you to study.

Concerning people without a recent Australian practicing certificate, firstly, they are not permitted to do any kind of legal practices in the western region of Australia. Although, the rules can be bent a little in a situation where a person doing legal operations and is being supervised by an Australian legal practitioner. What we are trying to say is that you would have to be a paid employee before you are allowed to do any legal practices without that certificate.

Someone who has the experience, before being permitted to practice in western Australia has two options, you must either go through a qualified Australian law school or just apply to have his or her qualifications checked. Sometimes after the process, you are only permitted to apply for academic reasons, or in most cases, the permission to apply for academic and training purposes.

In a situation where the international applicant has a law degree in that country but has not been allowed to practice yet can apply for assessment of qualifications under certain conditions. For example, he or she would require a qualification that puts them in the same status as those who studied and are now allowed to practice in Australia. What this means is that for you to be eligible for practice here, you would need to meet up the requirements that those who studied in Australia have to meet before they can study.


Certificates are given for practice in Australia and they ought to be renewed each year and they have to answer to certain conditions about keeping proficient indemnity safety. It also comes along with agreeing to continue with the professional advancement.

Also, the issue of status and differences might come with some conditions that are being forced on a certificate that is meant for practice.

For instance, an Australian lawyer practicing has of course been given a certificate in any of the states that we know in Australia, with this certificate, he or she is permitted to practice law in any state as long as it is in Australia.

As for the international lawyers, practicing in Australia requires a process but also when you get the certificate for practicing, then you can practice anywhere you want in Australia.

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