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Why a Law Firm Requires E-Signatures Urgently?

In this day and age, many businesses have started to cut their operational expenditures by adopting paperless systems. As a practising lawyer, you are required to sign documents, the likes of which includes settlements, contracts, retainers and so much more.

Once delivered at the client end, it does take time to get the document you require to be signed after it has been scanned and printed by them. This often leads to unexpected delays and further process is put on on-hold until further notice.

This clutter can be categorically circumvented with the use of e-signature softwares. In this piece, we will briefly discuss the electronic signatures as a handy tool for law firms to fast-track their business processes.     

Vital Cost-cutting

For any given law firm, the annual expenditure of paper documents is simply an expense that they readily avoid. Summing up the annual expenditures involving printer ink, paper and maintenance costs, it does drain the organizational resources to a considerable extent.

When you opt for a paperless system, your operational costs will be drastically driven down. The electronic signature is a vital stepping-stone in that direction.   

Interestingly enough, e-signatures are virtually free and you may note a marked cost-savings on an annual basis when you switch over to paperless systems.

Flawless Customer Experience 

If you have tech-savvy clients, they would certainly prefer methods that would allow them convenience and speed of use. To this end, they might prefer smartphone applications to execute tasks pending at their end. On the other hand, if your firm is yet to adopt these latest procedures, the probability is higher that your clients may opt for a more technologically equipped law firm, which offers it convenience and ease to work with.

The electronic signature feature is a step in the right direction and allows you not only to retain existing clients but pursue new ones, too.

Tracking the Progress

In essence, the electronic signature softwares provide you with a transparent and timesaving method to track signatures in real-time. For instance, if you use an e-signature software (HelloSign for instance), you can even program an automatic alert that sends a reminder to the said person to sign their document in a specific timeframe.

This helps with proper organization, saves time and taking signatures from the concerned parties in comparatively less time. 

The Software is Tamper-proof

Physical documents are always vulnerable to attempts of forging. There is no reliable method to counteract forging and differentiate the actual signee from the forger. Forged signatures are certainly not unheard of, and this is why physical documents will always pose this threat to interested parties.

The electronic signature quells these troublesome concerns with its foul proof electronic signature ecosystem. Equipped with an advanced tracking mechanism, you can track the changes made by a certain someone. This creates a completely transparent system and ensures accountability at the same time.


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