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Why Become a Lawyer?

Becoming a lawyer is challenging. This career requires expensive investments and years of training. Because of this, only motivated and dedicated aspirants can enter the field.

Do you want to become a lawyer? Is it worth the hurdles and sacrifices that you will face? Yes. If you are prepared and decided, here are the reasons why you should become a lawyer.

You can earn so much money.

In Australia and other developed countries, lawyers belong to the highest-paid people in the workforce. Australian lawyers, on average, enjoy higher salaries than managing directors and chief executive officers.

With earnings over $184,000 every year, lawyers maintain a prestigious lifestyle. The average Australian worker, in comparison, only earns at least $48,000 every year.

Law presents a well-paid and firm career path. Those who excel in the legal industry can even earn millions of dollars annually.

But it is important to remember that several factors can influence a lawyer’s salary:

  • The location where he practices can directly affect his pay. Lawyers in reputable firms and large cities can earn more than public and rural lawyers. Because of this, they should consider the region and sector where they will practice law.
  • Lawyers with more years of experience earn more. Aside from this, more clients and firms will choose to hire him.
  • Lawyers with a relevant specialty receive higher salaries than their peers and colleagues. In Australia, the top earners in the legal industry work as generalist in-house counsels, construction lawyers, and corporate lawyers.

Law provides a sense of prestige.

Since ancient times, lawyers have gained the respect of the public and the government. People in this career get included among successful elites and professionals. People look up to lawyers as figures of success and authority.

In this career, you might meet business icons, influential people, celebrities, and athletes. Lawyers also travel to attend trials, meetings, and conferences.

As long as crime and legal disputes exist, lawyers will stay recognized and necessary. Hence, this field will stand with our present civilization.

Lawyers help and assist their fellowmen.

Legal professionals, especially lawyers, are duty-bound to help their clients. For example, public interest lawyers devote themselves to serve poor people who need legal assistance. They also fight for social causes and help those who cannot hire lawyers.

Meanwhile, many lawyers in firms and companies also reserve their time in pro bono practice annually. During those hours, they provide legal work for underprivileged and vulnerable people. They include elderly folks, children, and domestic abuse clients.

The legal industry can provide you a means to help people and advocate. With your experience and connections, being a lawyer allows you to fight for a better world. You can utilize your legal knowledge to focus on the environment, civil issues, immigration cases, military issues, and business settings.

As you practice, you will meet different kinds of people. As you handle various cases, you will talk to people face-to-face, during meetings, or through events.

If you enjoy connecting with different people, being a lawyer is for you.

Legal practice can maximize your intelligence.

Lawyers solve problems, analyze, and innovate to succeed in their careers. After studying legal practice for many years, they still train for specialties. Attorneys still have to keep track of new laws, memorize policies, and hone their minds.

Whatever the case they handle, lawyers must remain dependable. Because of this, they keep on improving their mental capacity. Lawyers do not stop from practicing their creativity, negotiation skills, and memories.

Lawyers also expect the unexpected. While they serve in the legal industry, lawyers might help businesses in disputes, clients with a criminal charge, or a firm that needs counsel. To stay prepared, lawyers keep their minds sharp and alert.

Indeed, practicing law can challenge your intellect. You may need to read reports hundreds of pages long. Researching about a case might require you to search for loopholes and scan lengthy documents. As a lawyer, you must be alert to details and arguments.

Law is diverse and flexible.

Like medicine, the legal practice offers specialties that can provide lucrative cases and salaries. These include subspecialties on intellectual property, mortgages, employment, and monetary legal disputes.

This flexibility makes law appealing. Legal practitioners can charge fees, choose their work hours, and pick their clients depending on their specialty. They can also select this. Furthermore, lawyers may shift from one subspecialty to another.

The legal industry also offers so many possibilities. Lawyers can start as defense attorneys. With sufficient capital and experience, they can establish a firm or serve a reputable company.

Lawyers can enjoy perks and benefits.

Lawyers can work in different settings. Whether they practice in corporations, businesses, and government agencies, lawyers receive benefits and special treatment.

For example, prominent legal firms provide skilled staff, club memberships, and reservations.

Law can empower you with exceptional skills.

As mentioned earlier, legal practice can enhance your mind. Lawyers write dissertations, research extensively, and perform consultations.

This career also involves memorization, negotiation, analysis, and management.

Hence, law schools provide critical skills that may gear you towards success. The training you will receive there can equip you with opportunities inside and outside legal practice.

Furthermore, possessing a law degree gives you a launching pad for other jobs. So if you pursue other careers, you can still apply what you learned as a lawyer or attorney.

Becoming a lawyer can increase your influence.

Do you want to be a politician and a policymaker? Legal practice can be an effective place to start. Your knowledge of the constitution, national policies, and state laws can help you lead and influence the government.

What else are the reasons to become a lawyer?

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, here are the other benefits of becoming a lawyer:

  • Legal practice can improve your communication and conflict resolution skills. After all, experts consider mastering your personality, negotiation skills, and management as crucial qualities towards success.
  • Becoming a lawyer can intensify your debating skills and critical thinking.
  • Being a lawyer is exciting and challenging.
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