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Annual & Half-Year Reporting Timetable


All public companies must prepare and have audited at least annually a set of financial statements, provide them to shareholders, and hold an Annual General Meeting.

Some companies also have half-yearly financial reporting requirements.

However, the degree of reporting and the time-frames can vary, depending on the specific type of company and whether or not it is listed on a stock exchange (ie, Australian Stock Exchange or National Stock Exchange), as set out below:

Annual Reporting

  • stock exchange listed companies do not have to lodge any financial reports with ASIC that they have lodged with a stock exchange in Australia under Class Order 98/104 (ASX), CO 06/6 (NSX) & RG 28, provided such reports are lodged with the stock exchange within the Corporations Act timeframes; otherwise they must separately lodge with ASIC
  • Listing Rule references are ASX


Most proprietary companies have no statutory reporting requirements.

Only ‘large proprietary’ and ‘foreign-owned’ companies have explicit reporting obligations

– and they are only annual, not half-year – although some ‘small proprietary’ companies may in some circumstances also have annual reporting requirements imposed by shareholders, see below:

  • A ‘large proprietary’ company is defined (sec.45A) as one with any 2 of revenue of $25m or greater, assets of $12.5m or greater, employs 50 or more
  • A ‘foreign’ company is one which is owned or controlled by a foreign company and is not otherwise consolidated into financial statements lodged with ASIC by a registered foreign company – sec.292
  • A ‘small proprietary’ company’ is one which is not a ‘large proprietary’ company and its reporting requirement is only if requested by shareholders with at least 5% of the company’s shares – sec.293

Note: all above lodgment deadlines relate to the time period after financial/half-year end

*Originally written by Company Secretary, an Australian virtual company secretary service.

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