Company Web-Site

In my opinion, ‘these days’ it is ‘best practice’orf all active companies to register a domain name, have a web-site and, as an ancillary matter, provide email addresses for relevant staff.

Therefore, I recommend that we:

A. Register the domain name

  • also, registering the company’s ‘brand’ in multiple spaces (eg, .com, may help protect the name/brand
  • Open an account with an internet service provider
  • necessary to receive / send email
  • Set up email addresses for staff
  • Establish a professional looking web-site
  • with appropriate sections for corporate / business / shareholders, etc.

Corporate Web-site

In my experience, ‘ideal’ web-site content from a corporate perspective would be structured to contain headings/sections/pages covering such areas as:

Background / history

Business / operations Directory

  • full name / ACN
    • registered office / location address(es)
  • phone / fax / email contacts
    • directors names
    • senior management team Corporate governance
    • statement
    • committees – function / composition
    • charters
  • policies

Annual / financial reports

Shareholder information

  • stock exchange releases / press articles
    • share prices
    • link to share registry


If you like I can manage this whole project with the assistance of external professionals in web-site creation, design and management. I will also provide them with the content for each section so that we can get a sophisticated web-site up and running within a couple of weeks of when you give the go-ahead.

*Originally written by Company Secretary, an Australian virtual company secretary service.

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