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10 Best Legal Conveyancers in Sydney

These are the 10 Best Legal Conveyancers in Sydney.

In this article, we’ll share with you ten of the best legal conveyancers in Sydney. Legal conveyancers are legal professionals who are licensed to and specialize in handling real estate matters, specifically the transfer of real estate from one person to another. Since we want to make legal services more accessible to everyone, we strive to make you aware of the best lawyers in this field. Hopefully, your quest for the best conveyancers will end with the help of our list.

Hiring a conveyancer in Sydney is not easy. There are so many options in terms of solicitors and law firms that it can be hard to choose the best one for you. Not to mention, choosing the wrong conveyancer can cost you money. This is why we have compiled our list of the 10 best legal conveyancers in Sydney. We hope you find this list helpful when searching for the right person to help you and your family buy or sell a property.

1.    CM Lawyers

CM Lawyers are known to be one of the best legal conveyancers in Sydney. They offer a wide range of services such as commercial litigation, corporate advisory services, wills & probate, family law, property law, business sales & acquisitions.

CM Lawyers is a small firm with a personal, direct, and accessible approach to all legal matters, including conveyancing. In 2015, it won the NSW Investors Choice Award for Conveyancing, and the scope of their expertise is wide. They’re able to assist first home buyers, property buyers, sellers, off-the-plan purchasers, and company buyers.

Their team will deal with the legal and administrative aspects of buying and selling property, as well as all other related conveyancing matters. They take pride in giving their clients a personalised service. They will be your only point of contact throughout the whole process, meaning that you won’t have to keep track of several people throughout the course of your transaction. Their commitment to their clients is the main reason they are so successful. They have a reputation for providing the highest levels of service, at an affordable price. Contact them today or visit their website for more information.

Address: 138 Marrickville Road Marrickville, NSW, 2204

Phone: 02 9568 6266

Website: https://www.cmlaw.com.au/

2.    Sydney Property Conveyancing

Sydney Property Conveyancing is one of Sydney’s leaders in the industry, with a team of both solicitors and qualified conveyancers. They have an emphasis on detail-conscious and cost-effective transactions to ensure that the client gets the most benefit from what they have paid for. They help in all aspects of conveyancing from start to finish, and they maximize their use of technology and up-to-date industry knowledge to ensure no less than quality service. They can also assist in overseas residential and commercial property purchases and sales.

Their team of experienced property conveyancers can provide you with the right advice and assistance when it comes to buying or selling a property. They are committed to providing customers with a responsive and professional service with competitive prices and an emphasis on personal attention.

They are superb conveyancers that have all the qualities of a great lawyer. They will help you get things moving in no time and with no stress, so you can use their services for any conveyancing needs that you might have in the future.

Address: Suite 107/161 Walker St., North Sydney NSW 2060

Phone Number: 1300 367 176 / +61 2 8920 0200

Website: https://www.sydneypropertyconveyancing.com.au/

3.    Coutts Lawyers & Conveyancers

Coutts Lawyers & Conveyancers is firm powered by women, and their core value is to put people first. They are a multi award winning firm, garnering various awards locally since 2007, and nationally since 2018. Their core values of care, communication, and clarity assure clients that they are always aware of every update in their matters, in a language that is free from obscure technicalities. As conveyancers, their legal approach utilizes multiple branches of law to obtain the best outcome.

They offer comprehensive legal services to both individuals and businesses alike. They are committed to providing you with expert legal advice, quality service and an affordable cost. Their team of conveyancing solicitors and legal conveyancers are ready to help you with your property transaction. They pride themselves on providing exceptional service and communication, ensuring that transactions run as smoothly as possible. For more details, contact the team at Coutts Lawyers & Conveyancers.

Address: 1300 268 887

Phone Number: Suite 33, Level 11, 65 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000 DX 25815 CAMDEN

Website: https://couttslegal.com.au/

4.    Biddulph & Salenger Lawyers

Biddulph & Salenger is a well-established law firm dating back to 1905. They offer personal assistance, common sense advice, and creative problem solving to all your legal conveyancing needs. When it comes to conveyancing, they work to secure your title and safeguard your interests all throughout the process.

Their conveyancing services include the purchase and sale of residential, commercial, industrial and strata title properties, as well as advanced conveyancing transactions. They also offer advice on other issues relating to real estate including leasing, mortgage refinancing, preparing caveats and mortgages, as well as preparing and registering transfers on behalf of financial institutions.

Their team is committed to being your trusted advisers and business partners, providing you with professional, practical legal advice. They aim to develop a strong relationship with you so that they can understand your needs and provide the most suitable solution for you. The firm is also expert at preparing wills and dealing with probate matters. Their team offer advice on what can be done to minimise estate duty, as well as setting up trusts and enduring powers of attorney.

Address: 7/102 Alfred St S, Milsons Point NSW 2061, Australia

Phone Number: 02 9929 8777

Website: https://www.biddsal.com.au/

5.    Conveyancing Solutions Legal

Conveyancing Solutions Legal is a boutique law firm specialising in Property Law. Conveyancing Solutions Legal focuses on all aspects of property conveyancing, and their team has an in-depth knowledge of property law. Along with a claim to competitive prices, they have streamlined processes and systems to guarantee efficiency with minimal disruption and stress for clients. One of the services they offer is online conveyancing, which allows the client’s needs to be handled via phone, fax, or email without leaving the home or the office.

Their team have years of combined experience in Property and Conveyancing Law, so you can be assured that your property transaction is being handled by a conveyancer with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to handle it. They understand how important your property matters are to you and they will provide you with honest, reliable and professional advice when it comes to buying or selling your home or investment properties. Conveyancing Solutions Legal offers a reliable, efficient and affordable solution for all your property needs in Sydney. Their team of licensed conveyancers will make sure that your property transaction runs smoothly from start to finish.

Address: Suite 506, 3 Waverley Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Phone Number: +61 (0)2 9387 2111

Website: https://conveyancingsolutions.com.au/

6.    Dott & Crossitt Solicitors

Dott & Crossitt, specializes in property conveyancing, and they are available 24/7. When it comes to assisting clients with transactions, they maximize their use of technology and software to reduce costs for legal services, and this includes allowing online meetings and consultations at the client’s option. As real estate specialists, Dott & Crossitt are experts in the conveyance of every type of land title.

Their team of talented lawyers have been providing legal advice and support to the people of Sydney. From commercial law to property transactions, their experienced professionals are able to provide you with the legal expertise you need from their offices on High Street. They offer a competitive fixed fee structure and will explain each step of the process clearly so you are informed every step of the way. They strive to make your property transaction as seamless as possible. Legal conveyancing is an important part of buying or selling real estate. No matter how well you know it and how experienced you are, you will always need a legal conveyancer. If you’re in Sydney and looking for one, contact Dott & Crossitt Solicitors! The friendly staff will be able to help you through the process fast and simply.

Address: Level 2, 105 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Phone Number: 1800 870 407

Website: https://dottandcrossitt.com.au/

7.    Complete Legal & Conveyancing

Complete Legal and Conveyancing has solicitors who have a modern and progressive take on property law, and they do away with jargon to ensure that the client is fully in the loop of all the goings-on of the conveyancing process. According to their website, the range of assistance they give clients for conveyancing is wide, including drafting of contracts, tax considerations, Put and Call options, and dispute resolution.

If you need a conveyancing solicitor in Sydney, they highly recommend you to check out these legal conveyancers. They have vast experience working in this field of conveyancing and are up-to-date with all the latest changes in the laws. Hence, if you need help with land or property matters, don’t wait any longer and give them a call!

Address: Suite 11, 354-360 High Street, Penrith NSW 2750

Phone Number: 02 4704 9991

Website: http://www.completelaw.com.au/

8.    Western Sydney Legal Practice

Western Sydney Legal is a firm with over 40 years of experience in the local western suburbs of Sydney, who are capable of handling the sale and purchase of properties in NSW no matter how complex the matter is. They offer phone quotation services, and as lawyers, they can give the client a fuller perspective on all the pitfalls and potential legal issues that may arise out of conveyancing transactions.

If you’re looking for legal services in Sydney, Western Sydney Legal Practice is well worth considering. They have a qualified team with extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of legal conveyancing. Their approach of providing fixed and transparent pricing along with quality legal service makes them a must-try. The next time you or someone you know needs legal help, call Western Sydney Legal Practice today.

Address: Shop 22, Ground Floor Westfields, Mount Druitt

Phone Number: (02) 9832 3393 / 0408291965

Website: https://westernsydneylegal.com.au/

9.    AI Legal

AI Legal is another law firm that specializes in various aspects of property law including conveyancing. All the activity they do for the client is communicated in a transparent manner, aimed at simplifying the process for the client to be able to understand clearly. Their services not only include the mitigation of potential risk, they also seek to improve contract terms through negotiation. They have a very meticulous process and list of inclusions that will put clients at ease.

If you’re looking to conduct business with a company that is authentic, caring, and committed to your success, AI Legal can provide the kind of legal service that you want. They will work tirelessly to ensure that you get exactly what you need out of a conveyancing lawyer. For more information about their services, be sure to check out their website which includes a comprehensive list of the things they can help you with and how to contact them.

Address: BLACKTOWN OFFICE, Suite 2,32 Flushcombe Road, Blacktown NSW 2148

Phone Number: 02 9676 2664

Website: http://www.ailegal.com.au/

10.  KLH Conveyancing

KLH Conveyancing assists clients with all issues associated with conveyancing, including contract preparation, contract reviews, negotiations, and settlements. Their team is composed of a diverse range of practitioners, including experienced solicitors and a dedicated licensed conveyancer and paralaegal who manage all conveyancing and property matters.

Conveyancing is a complicated and stressful process, filled with numerous legal details that often prove difficult to decipher. This is where the team at KLH comes in – they’ll ensure that you have nothing to worry about. They’ll take care of the process from start to finish and make sure you get through it with as little stress as possible. So, if you’re looking for a conveyancing lawyer in Sydney, then look no further than KLH Conveyancing.

Address: Suite 24, 15 Terminus Street, Castle Hill

Phone Number: 02 9894 9115

Website: https://www.klhconveyancing.com.au/


Sydney is a big place, and there are plenty of legal conveyancers around the area which can be initially confusing for people who are new. We hope our list helped narrow down the possibilities and helped you pick and choose a firm to handle your conveyancing needs.

You should also check their ratings on their Google My Business ratings and other independent sites which don’t promote advertisements. But we are sure about one thing, best legal conveyancers in Sydney are just one click away from you. All you need to do is choose one and connect with them.

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