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10 Best No Win No Fee Lawyers in Melbourne

These are the 10 Best No Win No Fee Lawyers in Melbourne.

When you are living in the second most populous city in Australia and are looking to secure the maximum possible compensation with respect to a claim, you should look for the best no win no fee lawyers in Melbourne without delaying things further.

This is especially true if you happen to be struggling financially and the compensation is your last ray of hope. However, do make sure to share all the details with the lawyer or team which gets allotted with you.

They will enlighten you regarding what is the compensation you can expect and whether you have a chance of getting it.

1.      Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

It has been almost a century since this firm was founded in 1919. They have been part of many landmark cases in Australian legal history as well. They identify themselves as LGBTQ friendly and are also a woman led firm. Their main focus is on personal injury cases and the related compensation.

Their tagline too states that they fight for fair. You can reach them via a tram or a train or even a bus. There is parking facility also available near their office. Though you should call them once before visiting them.

Address: 21/380 La Trobe St

Phone: 396052700

Website: https://www.mauriceblackburn.com.au/

2.      Henry Carus And Associates

Their commitment to ensure that you get a fair compensation is evident by their tagline, “You Deserve More”. They have even trademarked this as well. They have their website available in Spanish and Chinese as well to cater to people from those communities.

They also have a dedicated page talking about the way they charge their clients while working on the no win no fee basis. Overall, the firm is quite transparent. They also have a list on that page which states the types of cases which they offer to be taken as per this model.

Address: 11/607 Bourke St

Phone: +61390011318

Website: https://www.hcalawyers.com.au/

3.      Gordon Legal

The combined experience of their lawyers stands at more than two centuries. Also, they have vast amount of experience related to securing Asbestos related compensation in the state of Victoria.

They also consider the no win no fee model to be something which provides access to the legal system to those who don’t have the financial resources.

For those who are still in doubt, they also have case studies of clients who came to them while they were in a difficult position with respect to securing compensation. They are a choice which you can make if you want an experienced team to represent you.

Address: 22/181 William St

Phone: +61 1300 584 626

Website: https://gordonlegal.com.au/

4.      Polaris Lawyers

They have the option of no win no fee model made available to their clients. They offer free initial advice to people and also don’t charge with any kind of hidden fees.  Polaris has also won a number of awards in the past for their legal capabilities.

They also a section on their website titled ‘Legal Compass’ which has a number of articles explaining law-related issues which have also been categorized into different categories. Their email address is also available on their site.

Address: 456 Lonsdale St

Phone: +61 1300 383 825

Website: https://polarislawyers.com.au/

5.      Galbally & O’Bryan

They too are one of the oldest law firms in the city of Melbourne as they were founded in 1934. Their initial personal consultation is one on one which is obviously free of charge. As of now, they also have online video consultation available.

They also have a news section where they have blog posts and news related to the prominent cases which are being fought. And besides they also have offices in nearby areas like Pakenham and Dandenong.

Address: 259 William St

Phone: +61392002533

Website: https://www.galballyobryan.com.au/

6.      Firths The Compensation Lawyers

They have a FREE case assessment form available on their website which you can fill out. They also claim that they were the original proponents of the no win no fee terms in the whole of Australia. They also always aim to maximize the amount of compensation which one can secure from an organization.

There are also no upfront costs which they are going to charging you while taking up your case on a no win no fee basis. You would be also surprised to know that Firths are one of the sponsors of the Sea Eagles.

Address: Level 10/555 Lonsdale St

Phone: 383972283

Website: https://www.firths.com.au/

7.      Slater and Gordon

They don’t take a percentage of your compensation which you win but rather only charge their fee. This is a great advantage for you because many firms simply take a significant chunk from your compensation (20 to 30%).

They have expertise in other fields of law as well. They are LGBT friendly too and are inclusive with respect to the staff they hire. Their website has also been nicely designed and you can choose to go with them after your initial FREE discussion with one of their lawyers.

Address: 485 La Trobe St

Phone: +61 1800 444 141

Website: https://www.slatergordon.com.au/

8.      Nicholas James Lawyers

They have 40+ positive reviews on their Google My Business listings. They have worked with many noted companies in the past as a law firm and hopefully, they can help you too. You can also contact them via a form which is available on their website.

Address: Suite 1, Level 2/902-912 Mt Alexander Rd, Essendon

Phone: +61390217400

Website: https://njlawyers.com.au/

9.      Shine Lawyers

Shine Lawyers’ Melbourne branch manager is Mr. Cameron Tout. For the majority of compensation claim cases, they work on a no win no fee basis with their clients. Their Melbourne branch also recently started to take cases related to family law too.

Most of the cases which they have fought on no win no fee basis have been those that are related to personal injury.  They worked on almost all possible types of personal injury claims.

Address: 6/277 William St

Phone: +61396164200

Website: https://www.shine.com.au/

10.  Boutique Lawyers

Their main focus is on building and construction-related cases. They have really worked hard on this as they claim expertise on many types of categories of cases related to it. They are also ready to offer you a free consultation without the obligation of continuing with them. Do make sure to discuss things in detail related to your case.

Address: Level 14/350 Collins St

Phone: +61 1300 556 140

Website: https://www.boutiquelawyers.com.au/


We hope that this list of the 10 best no win no fee lawyers in Melbourne may have helped you to find the most appropriate law firm to represent you in your compensation related case. Melbourne is indeed a big city and it is quite easy to get lost in it while ending up making an uninformed decision.

Hence, we tried our best to bring you the top 10 options which you have available to make a decision. Do discuss things with them properly before taking a decision. Remember, having clarity is the only way of making sure that you win a legal case or dispute.

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