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10 Best Property Lawyers in Adelaide

These are the 10 Best Property Lawyers in Adelaide.

Well, as you may know, we will be discussing the best property lawyers in Adelaide in this post. These law firms have built their reputation by years of hard work and persistence towards helping their clients. Rather, they themselves have carved niches in property law for themselves.

That is why you should go with a firm that has expertise pertaining to the issue that you are faced with. Also, many of them have won multiple awards too and some have individual lawyers that have achieved the same.

We strongly advise you to consult a proper property lawyers in case you are buying or selling one as it is a major life decision that one takes.

1.    Corsers

While their name might make you think that they are only conveyancers when it comes to property, that isn’t the case. They handle other matters like disputes too. Corsers claims that its services are cost-effective, are of high standards in terms of quality and relevant.

The firm can provide you with legal representation while negotiating or fighting in the court of law, in preparation of contracts, give advice and act while leasing, division of land, development of property and finally, buying and selling of property.

They also advocate for their clients in a robust manner besides giving crystal clear advice. Corsers are also a gold alliance firm with the law society of South Australia.

Address: Level 4/122 Pirie St

Phone: 8 8223 6788

Website: https://www.corsers.net.au/adelaide-conveyancer-and-lawyer-commercial-and-residential-conveyancing/

2.    Wallmans Lawyers

They have won a significant number of awards for their work in property law.

The services that they offer are zoning and planning advice, tenders, taxation, statutory compliance, retirement villages, residential conveyancing, managed investments, leasing, sales and purchases, land management agreements, land division, joint ventures, financing, due diligence, development approval, construction disputes, commercial conveyancing, contract preparation and review, and community titles.

The leading lawyers of the firm who deal with property law are Lachlan Andrews and Mark Sallis besides others. They have an archive section too where they have put together valuable content in the form of articles. You can also drop them an email at [email protected],

Address: 5/400 King William St

Phone: 8 8235 3000

Website: https://wallmans.com.au/expertise/private-sector/property-construction-infrastructure

3.    Beger & Co

Just back last year, they were declared as to be amongst the top 3 property lawyers in Adelaide. And they have a terrific reputation on the Google listing too. You can also get your land tax calculated at the click of a button on their property page if you live in South Australia.

Beger is also a member of PEXA besides being another Gold Alliance Firm with the law society of South Australia.

There is something unique about them though. Beger has a review page too where they have reviews of their firm fetched from sites like Yellow Pages, True Local, Trustpilot and Facebook.

Address: 213 Payneham Rd, St Peters

Phone: 8 8362 6400

Website: https://www.beger.com.au/

4.    Di Rosa Lawyers

Dino Di Rosa is the firm’s main lawyer and has an experience of more than two decades. Di Rosa Lawyers deals with issues related to property law too like estate planning and deceased estates too. Their website is very well-designed and they have a blog section too.

The client portal is also present to help would be and current clients while dealing with them. Do feel free to contact them by filling their enquiry form or by emailing them on [email protected]. And as we always say, go through their charges and fee section too.

Address: 123 Wright St

Phone: 8 8276 7955

Website: https://dirosalawyers.com.au/property-lawyers-adelaide/

5.    CPC Lawyers

They point out the importance of looking for legal advice before making a property purchase. Their argument is that it is a better choice to get your purchase contract and form 1 reviewed by a lawyer. Also, an added benefit of involving a lawyer is that he or she will take care of everything for you.

Besides helping with buying and selling, they also help with resolving disputes, fence divide disputes, advice for contracts for builders, development, subdivisions, exchange, settlement, enquiries for land, searches for titles and lots of other things too that you can check out on their property law page.

Address: 220 Henley Beach Rd, Torrensville

Phone: 8 7325 0219

Website: https://www.cpclawyers.com.au/property-law-adelaide

6.    Johnston Withers

While they like several other firms offer conveyancing services, they do offer other property law related services too but they are clubbed with commercial law on their website. They also have several articles related to property law too that you can read if you like.

In case you have minor issues, you can engage with their live chat service and in case you wish to make an official enquiry, you can either call them or fill their enquiry form on their site. If required, you can also sign up to their newsletter.

Address: 17 Sturt St

Phone: 8 8231 1110

Website: https://johnstonwithers.com.au/commercial-property/

7.    Duncan Basheer Hannon

They offer conveyancing services mainly and they talk about how lawyers are allowed to do conveyancing besides practicing law and conveyancers aren’t allowed to deal with legal matters. A point that should be noted is that in DBH, the conveyancing work is done by solicitors.

They also explain the entire process on their conveyancing page and have given ample related information to it too.

Address: 66 Wright St

Phone: 1800 324 324

Website: https://www.dbh.com.au/

8.    Andersons Solicitors

Their answer to why people should prefer a lawyer for conveyancing is that by doing so, one doesn’t have to look somewhere else for legal advice or help as lawyers are qualified to do that.

They are also an inclusive firm since they are LGBTQ friendly. You can also check out their blog section if you want as it is filled with informative posts.

They have a vast team of legal professionals too. Another point to be noted is that they aren’t a dedicated property law firm and do deal with other legal matters too.

Address: 53/69 Franklin St

Phone: 8 8238 6666

Website: https://www.andersons.com.au/areas-of-law/commercial-law-and-business-law/conveyancing/


Hopefully, these best property lawyers in Adelaide will take you closer to the solution of your case or issue. Don’t forget to ask them about similar situations that they have handled in the past with some of their other clients. That will give you a crystal-clear idea about what to expect.

Yes, many of them do work on fixed fee basis but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clarify about the fee with the law firm of your choice. Another thing is that the lawyer allotted to you must be someone that you are comfortable with. We wish you luck with your property matter in Adelaide.

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