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10 Best Property Lawyers in Sydney

These are the 10 Best Property Lawyers in Sydney.

Finding the best property lawyers in Sydney is vital since it is an issue that is quite important and vast in terms of the number of associated issues.

While many might start thinking that the job of property lawyers is just limited to buying and selling property, but this isn’t the case.

Whether you are looking to draft agreements with another party or wish to get financing, consulting a proper property law firm in Sydney is a must to avoid discomfort later.

This is a must as property is a significant asset(s) for most Australians. Also, we would like to finally encourage you to read more about property law to read about it too.

1.    Ivy Law Group

Ivy Law Group is a boutique law firm based in the Sydney CBD dealing in property law and conveyancing, family law, commercial law and wills and estates. The firm is led by the very capable Shane Neagle and the aim of Ivy Law Group is to make dealings, transactions, finance and life easier for their clients when it comes to property law and conveyancing.

They act and advise on a broad range of areas within property law and conveyancing, including sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties, off the plan purchases, covenants and easements, put and call options and related party transfers.

You can contact them by submitting an online enquiry through their website or calling the office during business hours.

Address: Suite 201/127 York St

Phone: 2 9262 4003

Website: https://www.ivylawgroup.com.au/

2.    ABP Lawyers

Just last year, they were declared as the best boutique property law firm of the year in Australia by Global Law Experts. But they aren’t a dedicated property law firm as they work with business law related cases too. Their team of conveyancers and lawyers have been helping Sydney dwellers for the last decade.

They also take what they refer to as the commercial approach and are more oriented towards giving their clients results. Also, they have served more than 3500+ clients to date. Do feel free to fill their contact us form or directly drop them an email at [email protected].

Address: Suite 29.03, Level 29/201 Elizabeth St

Phone: 2 8880 6505

Website: http://www.abplaw.com.au/

3.    Platinum Lawyers & Conveyancers

Besides Sydney, they also operate in Parramatta. While they do state on their website that they deal in property law, their main focus is on conveyancing and they convey this to people on their property law page that choosing a lawyer is better than going with a conveyancer. They do this by citing the Conveyancers Act of 2006.

The main limitation of going with a conveyancer as per them is that they can help with only conveyancing related issues and aren’t legally permitted to give legal advice. They also have a blog section where there are many knowledgeable articles and posts. You can also fill a short contact us form to avail the benefit of FREE consultation.

Address: Level 14/77 King St

Phone: 2 8084 2764

Website: https://platinumlawyers.com.au/

4.    Paul Scara Property Lawyers

Some great things about them are that they care about every client as they are a small firm, respond quickly, have dealt with thousands of property transactions, are an accredited specialist in property law, have experience that goes back to 3 decades and that they are affordable too.

However, it would be great if they get an SSL certificate for their website too. If your preference while communicating is email, then their address is [email protected]. The legal services related to property law that they provide can be found on their legal services page. And besides Sydney, they operate in Hurstville and Newtown too.

Address: PO Box 36, Newtown

Phone: 412 405 435

Website: http://paulscara.com.au/

5.    CLW Lawyers

They deal with a variety of other matters than property law like employment law, pharmacy law, business law etc. With respect to property law, they mainly assist people with leasing, building, selling and buying property. They have various articles too available on their website that you can read.

Their team is made up of well-qualified legal professionals each of whom have their own area of expertise in the property law. They have been helping residents of Sydney for the last two decades. Feel free to fill their contact us form on their website. Clayton Long and Dean Woodbridge are the two leading lawyers of the firm.

Address: Level 5/99 York St

Phone: 2 9279 4888

Website: https://clw.com.au/

6.    Day Legal

For those that speak Chinese, they have Chinese speaking legal professionals too to help. Their leading lawyers are Anna Caccamo, Valerie Foreman and Ian Day.

However, it should be noted that they are a dedicated property law firm. While other firms have articles, they have proper guides for issues. They have a ‘current clients’ section too that is for their would be and current clients.

Whether you are looking for services related to property development or are planning to buy or sell property, they will definitely help you with these things and other issues.

Address: 46A Macleay St, Potts Point

Phone: 2 9361 4242

Website: https://daylegal.com/

7.    Streeterlaw

While they aren’t exactly dealing in other issues of property law, they help people resolve property disputes. They have examples and case stories available too on their website.

You can book an appointment via their website too. All the information that you ever share with them even if you don’t convert into their client will remain confidential. Feel free to get in touch with them on [email protected].

Address: 2/50 Park St

Phone: 1300 293 593

Website: https://www.streeterlawfirm.com.au/

8.    Beaches Law

They operate in property and associated fields like real estate and commerce. The firm’s network also has accountants, brokers, agents and industry experts besides lawyers. Also, you need not visit their office and their legal professionals can visit you too.

Address: Ground Floor, 33 Berry St

Phone: 400 320 708

Website: https://beacheslaw.com.au/

9.    SME Property Lawyer

They operate on a fixed price basis so you don’t have to worry about getting overcharged. If you are a homeowner or homebuyer or SMSF or developer or investor, then you can seek their help for matters related to issues that you are facing trouble with.

Address: 4/83 Mount St

Phone: 2 9460 2871

Website: http://smepropertylawyer.com.au/






So, if you need help related to property law, then these best property lawyers in Sydney are options that you can choose from. However, we would like to talk about a few things. Firstly, be very clear about what the approximate costs of the services that they are going to provide to you.

Also, make sure to talk about similar cases like yours that they might have had fought for in the past for their clients. This will give a precise idea if the firm in question is the one that you should choose. We wish you luck and we hope that your legal matters related to the property are resolved soon.

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