Shareholder Name Change

A shareholder’s name can change for a few different reasons:

personal name changes are usually because of marriage, divorce or by deed poll

corporate changes are almost always where a company changes its name.

Name Change Process

A change of name request must be in writing, by letter or completion of appropriate form (as provided by some professional registrars), sent to the Share Registry accompanied by appropriate supporting evidence of the name change.

Supporting Documentation Required

The following are forms of supporting documentation required before a shareholder’s name can be changed:

Change of Name by Marriage

  • A certified copy of the Marriage Certificate
  • If the maiden name on the marriage certificate does not match the currently registered name, additional certified documentation (that is marriage, divorce, change of name documents) must be provided to evidence the name-link

Change of Name by amending birth certificate

  • A certified copy of the amended Birth Certificate

Change of Name by Deed Poll

  • A certified copy of the registered deed poll document

Other Changes

  • A certified copy of Certificate of Name Change; or
  • Documentation appropriately evidencing name change; or
  • Statutory declaration (eg, reverting from a married name to a maiden/former name following divorce)

Change of Name for a Company

  • A certified copy of the Certificate of Registration on Change of Name; or
  • Company search


  • Certification must be by a solicitor, justice of the peace or other person qualified to witness statutory declarations.
  • All pages of the document(s) are required to be certified.
  • The certification must contain a statement to the effect that it is a ‘true and correct copy’ of the original.
  • The certification must be an original (that is, no photocopies or faxes of a certified copy are acceptable).

*Originally written by Company Secretary, an Australian virtual company secretary service.

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